Earn Up to £100 in Amazon Vouchers by recommending Van Guard

We are giving you the chance to turn your love for Van Guard into Amazon vouchers.

As any good trades person knows, no marketing is better than good old fashioned word of mouth.

So if you are pleased with your Van Guard purchase and know a friend in need of Van Kit why not fly the black and yellow flag and bag yourself Amazon vouchers in the process.

For every order identified as a referral we will send you a £10 Amazon Voucher.

Have quite a few friends in need of Van Kit?

We will reward you for the first 10 referrals - giving you the chance to earn up to £100 in Amazon Vouchers

How it works

1 Tell Your Friend about your awesome product(s) and exceptional service you received from us.

2 When they place their order instruct them to simply drop the following text into the additional notes section at checkout. Amazon Voucher Referral - [Your Name]

3 Once the order has been placed we will send you over your Amazon Vouchers.

*Please note to be eligible the referred customer's order amount must be a minimum of £140 inc VAT. For full terms and conditions please read below.


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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your participation in our Amazon Referral Rewards.

To be eligible for the amazon referral rewards the following conditions must be met:
The Referrer:
1. The Referrer must of ordered directly from Van Guard Accessories Ltd either by telephone or website (www.van-guard.co.uk) within the last 36 months of the new customers order date.
2. The Referrer must be a direct retail customer of Van Guard Accessories Ltd, who purchased thier goods upfront via card payment or cash.
3. The Referrer must not be associated with any form of trade level partnership agreement or trade account with Van Guard Accessories ltd.
The Referred Customer:
1. The Referred customer must not have ordered with Van Guard Accessories within the last 36 months.
2. The Referred customer’s order total must be a minimum amount of £140 inc VAT.
3. The Referred customer can not share the same account address as the The Referrer.
4. The Referred customer must inform us of the referrers name and the referral program at the stage of placing the order. Informing Van Guard Accessories Ltd after the order and payment has been processed will not be eligible for Amazon Voucher Rewards.

Amazon Referral Rewards Overview
1. Per eligible referral Van Guard Accessories will reward The Referrer a £10 amazon voucher to spend online at amazon.co.uk
2. Eligible referrals will be reviewed and processed up to 30 days after The Referred customers order date
3. Referrers are eligible to refer up to 10 new customers each
4. The maximum amount of Amazon Vouchers rewarded per Referrer is £100

Van Guard Accessories Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice. Amazon is not a sponsor of this promotion and all enquiries should be forwarded to [email protected]