At Van Guard, we take immense pride in our innovation, such as the ULTI Bar and continued production of high-quality products for light commercial vehicles. To ensure that we continue to deliver these standards we need to look to the latest technological advances and machinery and this is just what we have done...

Introducing the BySprint 3KW Fiber Laser Cutter!

While the name may not roll off the tongue and does have a James Bond villain sound to it, our new machine is set to revolutionise our design, production and manufacturing capabilities.

Using advanced CAD software, the Bystronic laser cutter will improve the quality of finish to our range of products as well as significantly increasing the speed, flexibility and capability of production. It also means a quicker turn around for bespoke orders.

There are environmental/green benefits as well. The machine uses less energy to produce the same, if not better, results and can reduce wastage by up to one third. In addition to this, as the cutting process is now carried out by laser instead of punching, the noise reduction is considerable, which means that our ears are extremely grateful and we don’t end up shouting instead of talking when we get home. You may have gathered that we are quite excited about the acquisition of this machine!


Barry Woodward, Van Guard’s Managing Director said of the new machinery:

Our investment in a new Fiber laser cutter marks a new and exciting chapter in the company’s history. Not only does this bring in the latest technologies and software, but the laser cutter also introduces endless possibilities of what the firm can manufacture.

At Van Guard we are always looking to the future and improving our product offering. This machine does that by helping us future-proof production and build our “thinking outside the box” culture.

If you would like to know more about the BySprint Fiber Laser Cutter, do get in touch.