It wouldn’t be right to go to the CV Show and not highlight our core products – our dearly beloved ULTI Bars and ULTI Racks.

[caption id="attachment_366" align="alignright" width="300"]ULTI Rack van roof rack Aluminium Roof Rack - ULTI Rack[/caption]

When both products were launched, they took the market by storm. The ULTI Bar was voted the best van roof bar in the market by tradesmen in 2014, and the ULTI Rack went on to win an award for innovation in 2016. Both roof systems are aluminium, lightweight, strong, crash tested, smart and easy to fit. Not only that, but they give you premium quality at non-premium prices. That is the strength of the ULTI brand.

Come and see them fitted to a van, or play with the Click & Lock mechanism to see how easy it is to work. We’re on stand 5H110 and would love to share our passion with you.