Research has shown that consumers want to buy British but are confused about the origin of products sold in stores.

The same can be said of the vehicle accessory market. In a recent survey, less than one third of our distributors knew or promoted the fact that our products are made in Britain, something we are very proud of.

That’s why we have signed up to the “Made in Britain” campaign. We hope that by using their marque, customers will choose to buy our products that they know for certain are made in the UK to support the design, skills and craftsmanship which still exist here.

The Made in Britain marque is accredited to businesses that sell goods manufactured in the UK. Our product design is led by a talented team at our factory here in Exeter. Our aluminum extrusion for the ULTI Bars and pipe carriers is cut at the factory as well as the welding on our Maxracks, powder coating our bulkheads and punching out our grilles. Our tooling and plastic components (end caps, load stops and the like) are made by a plastics manufacturer in Newton Abbot.

It doesn’t stop there. Our brochures are printed by a competitive printing company on the same estate – literally across the road. All our marketing material is designed in house along with the creation of our videos and images. Our radio ad uses British actors conceived by a world class agency based in Exeter. Our website is hosted in London, built and maintained by a clever crowd in Newton Abbot. Our branding was developed by an inspired agency in Plymouth.

We truly are a British operation in more ways than one. So by choosing Van Guard products, you are not only supporting us, but a whole little micro-economy based right here in Britain. That has to be a good thing. (At this point, we should play the National Anthem.)

Van Guard – proud to be a British manufacturer.

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