Written by Andy Woodward

Phew! We are back and what a week! I can honestly say this was the best week I have had in my 30 year sales career. We have had a remarkable reaction to ULTI Rack and have demonstrated the features and benefits to over 40 people mainly fitters. We have not had one single negative response to this product. We have had a lot of fun along the way but the overwhelming feeling as I sit here is one of pride. It’s been a long while coming - this replacement for Maxrack - but watching it come under intensive scrutiny this week, I am totally convinced it has been worth the wait.

As Chris and I set off on our “Tour of Britain” we were not totally sure just how the planned meetings/demos would pan out or indeed how the ULTI Rack would be received. What we did know was that we were seeing some key customers, many of whom had played a vital role in telling us what needed to be improved in terms of our gallery rack. It’s fair to say that some of their DNA was very much built in to the design of our new product. So we were keen to see if these guys felt they had been listened to.

River Severn Crossing the River Severn

This was very much borne out in our first meeting at Phoenix Van Accessories in Newport (below). David told me three years ago that modular racks were far and away the easiest gallery racks to fit and so that was what customers got. Like many others though he did say that modular systems have shortcomings; namely that they were very heavy and bulky to transport and store. It was therefore very gratifying when at the end of the demonstration he very clearly stated that we had overcome every single shortcoming of Maxrack and modular type racks and combined the benefits to produce an excellent product. First test passed with flying colours.

Phoenix Van Accessories Demonstrating the ULTI Rack with the guys at Phoenix

That very much set the scene for the week and sent me and Chris happily up the M5 confident that we were on to a winner here. This scenario was played out time and time again as more and more fitters were exposed to the innovative Click & Lock TM system. It took no time at all for them to “get” this new product. The overriding question then was how quickly they could get their hands on this product, with many wanting to get demos in to Dealers and major customers.

The bottom line is the fitters loved it. Business owners very much felt they had been handed a product that reflected their needs for a gallery rack. It was right for their business in terms of fitting times, good prices and gave them a product that their customers would be delighted to have on their vans. It was fit for purpose in every way for a commercial gallery rack.

ULTI Rack Vehicle Accessory Solutions Protect A Van The guys at Vehicle Accessory Solutions (L) & ProtectAVan (R) getting hands on