Written by Andy Woodward

As I say, it feels like it has been a hugely successful first week of the tour. It was one of my better ideas to do these launch visits double handed with Chris along with ditching the suits and donning company sweatshirts and polos. It meant that we broke down barriers and had much more of an impact than just seeing decision makers and then shooting off to our next meeting.

[caption id="attachment_467" align="alignright" width="300"] Chris demonstrating his dance moves[/caption]

Chris nailed every demonstration and I think gained the respect of many a fitter. I, of course, played the part of his glamorous assistant. It’s fair to say I didn’t always cover myself in glory; the highlight or lowlight being when after boasting that I had been involved in fitting the ULTI Rack on to our demo Custom, Stuart from MIS found that I had not fully tightened the nuts on my side of the fitting. We had done the best part of 800 miles with some slightly loose fitting bars!! It seemed to amuse the guys at MIS but don’t tell Barry guys!! (Note to self, check fittings after every journey.)

Other highlights were of course the food. Funny that me wanting to get a regional food aspect tied in to the week! Again one of my better ideas. However, I am nailed on to get the Father Christmas gig at John Lewis’s and won’t need padding! The Chunk of Devon pasties went down extremely well at Phoenix but the star of the week for me were the pork pies from Bolton based pasties – Frasers Butchers. Chris now knows the answer to the question “who ate all the pies”. Add in Black Pudding with Chris “now I want my own starter” Angel, followed by Steak and Kidney pudding, Barm Cakes and finally a Birmingham Balti all washed down with regional ales, you can see we took our jobs this week very seriously indeed.

[caption id="attachment_468" align="aligncenter" width="640"]ULTI Rack Tour (L) Suspicious looking Black Pudding (R) Birmingham Balti[/caption]

So that was the week that was! Scotland, the North East and South East beckons. It is not nice being away from home and my lovely wife Wendy but from a work perspective me and Chris can’t wait to show the rest of the country just what a brilliant product we have produced here in the West Country. So don’t forget to follow us #getaloadofthis.

Finally a big thank you to everybody we saw this week. I was very honoured that you all devoted so much time to us and really get to grips with what we were showing and making it a quite brilliant week for both of us. Really appreciated that.

One final sales pitch though. Chris summed it up for me in the van yesterday. The market leader is the best product out there in terms of speed of fitting and there was nothing to touch it. My personal opinion is that simply is not the case now. I believe ULTI Rack is now THE best gallery rack in terms of speed and ease of fit. To me, it also looks better, is priced better, is packed better, is massively lighter and exceedingly innovative (like Mr. Kipling’s cakes!).

We have nailed it. Not our words. A phrase repeated throughout the week. There is now nothing out there to touch the ULTI Rack. Our best product yet.