Are you concerned about your team getting on the roof of their vans to load and unload their ladders? Our new Ladder Loader is just the thing you need!

The Ladder Loader is designed to make the loading and unloading of ladders from ground level as quick and easy as possible. The gas strut assistance will aid in minimising the health and safety risk of climbing onto the roof of the van to secure the ladders into place. With three different lengths available, we have a Ladder Loader suitable for any van. Are you carrying more than one ladder? We have a MAXI Ladder Loader which is designed to carry two ladders side by side.

The Ladder Loader attaches to the roof of the van via Van Guard roof bars, full instructions are provided with each system. If you are unsure how our ladder loader works, we have put together a quick and easy guide below.

Step by step guide

Step 1 – To release the ladder loader, pull down on the lever with the pole provided.

Step 2 - Slowly pull the system back. Once the system has travelled far enough back, allow it to continue to travel in a downward motion.

Step 3 - To pull further down use the rear retaining arm and allow the system to fully descend.
Step 4 - Mount the ladder to the system. Secure into place using the end stops, the retaining arm and straps.

Step 5 - To return the system and ladder to the roof, tilt it up from the bottom, and when the system is fully horizontal lightly push forwards. This will be assisted by the gas struts in the Ladder Loader, which will take most if the weight.

Step 6 - Once the system has returned to it stowage position, ensure the lever catches are both locked into place before travel.

Video of Ladder Loader in use