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ULTI Bar+ Van Roof Bars

The ULTI Bar+ van roof bars are expertly designed for strength, style and durability. The ULTI Bar+ is the product of over 20 years of pioneering van roof bar engineering.

Each set has been tailor made to your van’s specific make and model. Taking into consideration its shape and pre-existing fixing points, our expert design team have created van roof bar systems for almost every type of van on the European market.

Van Roof Bar Features

Exceptional Strength

  • Constructed from specialised anodised aluminium extrusion sitting on reinforced steel brackets. The ULTI Bar+ uses the ultimate combination of both materials and engineering techniques to maximise its sheer strength.

Easy Install

  • Fitting your roof bars to your van couldn’t be easier. Simply secure your brackets to your van’s fixing points using the bolts provided, attach your roof bars and tighten your optional load stops in the position you desire.

Hard Wearing & Built to Last

  • Every item and mechanism of our ULTI Bar+ is built to work rain or shine, day in, day out. The metal roof bars are anti-corrosive and do not rust like steel alternatives. The plastic components contain UV proof additives and the brackets on which the bars sit on are both galvansied and powder coated for extra longevity.

Our roof bars have been designed and tested to safely and securely carry the maximum amount possible on your Van’s roof weight limit.

Buyers should be aware that in most cases (assuming correct installation has been carried out) our van roof bars will actually have a greater weight limit than your van’s roof. As a responsible British manufacturer with over 25 years of working with the trade public safety is paramount to us and you should not exceed the roof weight limit of your van despite what the carrying capacity of roof bars advertised to you online may state.

For Example

A Ford Transit Custom SWB L1 H1 van’s roof weight limit = 150kg

Our ULTI Bar+ van roof bars have been tested to hold up to 80kg per bar.

Combined strength of our 3 ULTI bar Van Roof Bars = 240kg

How much can Van Guard’s ULTI Bar+ Van Roof bars carry? 

As much as your manufacturers handbook states minus the weight of our bars. You should not exceed your manufacturer’s van roof weight limit under any circumstances.

Knowing the importance of this our Ulti Bar van roof bars are designed from highly specialised aluminium extrusion which properties offer heavy duty strength without being heavy itself.

ULTI Bar+’s Key Features

  1. Strong & Streamlined
  2. Easy to Fit Van Roof Bars
  3. Robust Design & Hard Wearing
  1. Made In Britain
  2. Crash tested & Designed To Your Van’s Spec
  3. Range of ULTI Bar Accessories To Complement
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