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Trade Van Racking – Van Racking

Trade Van Racking is our latest range of pioneering internal Van Racking. With its versatile design, it is at home with both fleets and the everyday tradesman looking for a robust and reliable van shelving solution.

Van Racking Features

  • Easy to fit DIY Van Racking
  • Strong & Robust Metal Van Racking
  • Customise to Your Business’s Needs with Accessories
  • Fully Crash Tested
  • British Manufactured Van Racking
  • Available as Single & Double Units or Full Van Kits

Van Racking Kits & Van Racking Systems

Our engineers have pre-examined a number of popular van models to recommend a complete van racking/shelving kit solution enabling you to buy a full package with no hassle. Simply select your van’s make and model using the forms provided.


Being constructed in the main from Aluminium of 1.5mm sheet material and the side extrusion also being constructed from this lightweight but strong material, we can keep the weight of units as low as possible. In fact, our 3 shelved 1000mm X 1000mm units are between 5 & 9 KG’s lighter than the industry (steel constructed) leaders. This helps aid with increased load capacity and lower fuel consumption. Lower fuel consumption is not just good news for you and your pocket, but it’s also great for the environment meaning less CO2 is being emitted in comparison to the heavier racking available.

Trade Van Racking is incredibly easy to build and fit. Its construction method keeps the nuts and bolts to an absolute minimum. All our single 3 shelf units only have 12 nuts, 12 bolts & 12 washers to fix to get the unit up and running. 1 person should be able to build a single unit in under 20 minutes! The sturdy universal fixing kit supplied has all that you will need to attach it to the desired location within your van. Minimal tools are required and no specialist equipment is needed meaning that you will have your van kitted out in no time at all.

During the design process we ensured that the finished Trade Van Racking would be Flexible and adaptable for years to come.

Shelves can be added in or taken out to suit your needs, with different height units and different length shelves available you can easily tailor the racking to your exact needs. The shelves can be fitted at various heights and add-ons are available so you can really personalize the racking to get it exactly as you want and need.

At present we offer; dividers, non-slip matting, unit height extensions, extra shelves and plastic bins to help keep your gear organised and make the most of your vehicle’s load space. Units can easily be added to and enlarged when and if needed with parts available at component part level.

Due to how it is designed and constructed the racking can easily be transferred from one vehicle to another in the future if needed. It’s a great long-term investment. Shelves have been designed to take the most common of tool boxes on the market. So, you can be safe in the knowledge that your existing tools and their cases can be comfortably accommodated. The innovative angled shelf is designed to slope backwards so that tool cases can be simply slid in and out.

Trade Van Racking’s Key Features

  1. Easy to fit DIY Van Racking
  2. Strong & Robust Metal Van Racking
  3. Customise to Your Business’s Needs with Accessories
  1. Fully Crash Tested
  2. British Manufactured Van Racking
  3. Available as Single & Double Units Or Full Van Kits
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