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Looking for van roof racks or van roof bars to fit your Vauxhall Vivaro?

You've came to the right place if you are looking for a Vivaro Roof Rack or set of Vivaro Roof Bars. Here at Van Guard we manufacture high quality roof rack systems for the Vauxhall Vivaro. Each roof rack system has been specifically designed and crash tested to fit your exact Vivaro's wheelbase, height and year. If at anytime you are unsure the Vivaro roof rack does not fit your van why not drop us a message via our chat feature.

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Van Roof Bars for Vauxhall Vivaro

Our ULTI bar van roof bars are available 3 bar and 4 bar roof systems - perfect for giving your Vauxhall Vivaro added roof storage options. All our roof bars are built from strong Anodised Aluminum and include free load stops to help keep items such as ladders in line and in place. Considered the best van roof bar on the market, the Ulti bar system is perfect for Van owners looking to maintain a professional look for years to come. Unlike basic steel barred roof bars our roof bars will not rust or corrode leading to unsightly rust marks or orange stains transferred onto items you attach to your roof bars. We have even taken the steps to treat our roof systems plastic components with UV protected coating - ensuring those of you lucky enough to catch the suns rays will not fall victim to sun bleaching out the matte black areas into a weathered white-ish/grey.

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