The ULTI Bar and ULTI Rack are two of our best selling products for commercial van use. With the up rise of people looking to staycation in the UK, we've seen an increase of people using our products to add extra campervan storage.

The below videos show how three campervan owners have transformed their vans and added extra storage by using the ULTI Bar or ULTI Rack.

Sunscreen Dreams Youtuber

Sunscreen Dreams have transformed their Mercedes Sprinter campervan. The transformation sees them install the Van Guard ULTI Rack to use as extra storage, and for the purpose of  installing campervan solar panels. This means that they don't have to screw the panels to the van, which allows extra room for other things.

They chose the Van Guard ULTI Rack as the bars in the rack can be moved into different positions. This is particularly helpful as often fans are installed in to the roof of a campervan, so the ability to move the bars means that they can fit around this. Sunscreen Dreams also like how the rack makes use of the existing holes in the campervan and there is no need to drill any extra holes. They also highlighted the benefit of the Click & Lock element which means there's no need for screws and the bars can be moved easily and quickly.

In the video they show you how you can fit the ULTI Rack, giving you hints and tips on how to do it.

Mispronounced Adventures Youtuber

Mispronounced Adventures shows you how to transform your Ford Transit MK8 into a campervan and this video focuses on how to add roof bars and campervan solar panels to the top of your van. They use the ULTI Bar but have added their own twist, by spray painting the bars black to match the colour of the van. In the video, they show you how to spray paint the bars, fit them, and add campervan solar panels.

They also highlight that one of the key features of the product is that the brackets are designed specifically for that van. Mispronounced Adventures mention how Ford haven't made a flat surface for the fitting on top of the van, so it would be very hard to make your own brackets. The Van Guard ULTI Bar is tailored to your van, so make sure you double check the make and model of your van before purchase!

Smart Van Youtuber

In this video, you see how Smart Van have installed the Van Guard ULTI Bar on their Fiat Doblo. Their main reason for purchasing the roof bar was because they liked how it looked more commercial than other roof bars, and that alternative products were actually more expensive. Another feature of the roof bar that Smart Van really liked was the load stops that are included with the ULTI Bar, to help you secure items.

Watch the video to see the ULTI Bar up close and hear an honest product review.